Sunday, September 14, 2008

Corn, Kevin Costner, and the Beginning of a Dream

Personally, I am amazed at how God takes the little we have and does what he does best...multiply it! There really is no limit. Yeah, we have limits, but God...nah, he just does what he does. So, I'm sitting at one of my two jobs and a thought runs through my head, "plant a church." Seriously, for whatever reason God just gives me this wierd thought. I know, it's kind of like that Kevin Costner film where this voice says, "if you build it, they will come." Well, the only thing in common with that is he was surrounded by corn (yep, that happened), and lived in the state of Iowa (that's me too). Other than that it's just two outdated guys trying to listen to a voice coming from the air sounding like James Earl Jones.

So, here I am responding to this dream I have had for over two years. Planting a church and expecting God to do something with it. Here's what's really cool. I'm surrounded by a great team. People with the same dream and vision. I'm not sure if they heard voices coming from the corn or not, but hey, at this point - it doesn't matter. Our hearts are united and the our leader said, go for it. Get ready Oskaloosa...a little boy is showing up with five loaves and two fish...and looking for a miracle!


AVToolman said...

I'm sure you've done your homework, as well as that you're stepping out of the boat on faith, for which I applaud you. If you haven't done so already, I recommend getting in touch with the guys at New Church Specialties ( They have a combined experience of over one hundred years in church planting. They can provide a wealth of information that can save you some headaches along the way, as well as help you watch for special blessings that might otherwise go undiscovered. Check them out and know that David & Dawn Tooley are praying for you.

AVToolman said...

Alright, Pastor J. I'm wondering how things are going there in Osky. You haven't updated this page for a while. Give us the scoop, will ya?